Digital concepts for museums and culture


Digitalisation affects lots of areas of a cultural institution. That’s why KULDIG offers a holistic approach. Established analysis and concepts form the starting point for well-planned implementation. Long-term, reliable service ensures sustainability.














The KULDIG portfolio consists of various elements. These are our own developments or solutions from our partner network.


Not every customer needs all of the elements KULDIG provides. That’s why we deliver well thought-out solutions based on the respective requirements.


The digital sector is especially dynamic. KULDIG ensures that the latest technology and approaches are continually integrated into the whole system.


After implementation, KULDIG reliably ensures that all systems are maintained. Our personal direct support helps resolve problems. Training and workshops also provide the necessary know-how.

KULDIG AppCreator - the core

Using the KULDIG AppCreator, museums and other cultural institutions are able to create their apps for mobile end devices completely by themselves. Starting with configuration, going on to adding multi-media content, and then publishing the finished app in Android and iOS app stores, institutions can run everything without involving an agency, and without even having any programming skills. It is of course possible to update configuration and content at any time.

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KULDIG solutions

We develop digital solutions and concepts that are specially tailored for use in cultural institutions. In doing so, we attach great importance to the compatibility of the solutions with each other, and with those of our partners.

KULDIG consultancy

To ensure that digital solutions are used optimally, we compile well-founded analyses for your cultural institution, develop tailored concepts, supply catalogues of measures and take on planning for the realisation of those measures.

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+49 (0) 341-125 903 68


KULDIG AppCreator

With the KULDIG AppCreator, you create and manage audio and multi-media guides independently. The browser-based system in the form of a CMS supports you in configuring, publishing and maintaining apps, and provides you with statistics and parameters.

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KULDIG Smart Indoor Navigation

The technology that we have developed makes indoor navigation possible without great technical expense. KULDIG Indoor Navigation is available as a KULDIG AppCreator module and can be easily integrated into your app.

KULDIG MapService

The KULDIG AppCreator and the created apps draw on KULDIG’s own map service. We provide this to cultural institutions, schools and other institutions free of charge.

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+49 (0) 341-125 903 68


KULDIG Augmented Reality

We advise cultural institutions on AR, design solutions and implement these for you.

We also develop an AR module for KULDIG AppCreator. This is how you are able to integrate AugmentedReality directly into your apps and use the various options.

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KULDIG Virtual Reality

Undreamt-of possibilities for cultural institutions based on virtual experiences in virtual worlds.

We would be happy to advise you on technology and its possible uses. Of course, we also implement VR projects.

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+49 (0) 341-125 903 68



Knowledge and expertise has to be shared to recognise digital potential for cultural institutions and be able to use the resulting solutions in the long-term and sustainably.

KULDIG has digital expertise and shares this knowledge with cultural institutions in workshops and training sessions.

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+49 (0) 341-125 903 68


... and there’s more

As well as these specific tools and solutions, we plan and implement websites and online shops for cultural institutions, and also develop customised mobile applications in addition to the AppCreator.


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