Charlottenburg Castle relies on KULDIG


KULDIG develops the new multimedia guide

Until the beginning of 2019, KULDIG is developing a mobile application in the form of a multimedia guide on request of the Foundation Prussian Palaces and Gardens (Stiftung preußischer Schlösser und Gärten - SPSG) for * Charlottenburg Castle* in Berlin. The SPSG relies on the KULDIG AppCreator as content management system and for the administration of the app. After publication, the guide is not only available on the in-house rental devices, but can also be purchased in the App Stores for iOS and Android. The new multimedia guide not only replaces the old audio guide of the castle, but also replaces 500 hardware devices.

New concept for better orientation

Charlottenburg Castle is the first property of SPSG for which an app is designed and developed. The castle has about 60 walk-in rooms with associated exhibits, which have to be displayed and integrated by the multimedia guide. The guide contains a total of four guided tours which cope with this and is provided in several languages in order to be able to accommodate the visitor flow of several 100,000 visitors per year. In the implementation, the content was redesigned to create a guide through the transition from audio to multimedia, which not only meets the requirements of the castle but also those of the visitors.
The very clear, linear concept of the castle and a picture-heavy approach are pursued. The aim is to provide even large groups of visitors with all the relevant information without the visitors losing themselves in the building and the exhibitions.

KULDIG ensures fast results

The particular challenge lies in the time pressure and the short-term implementation of the project. After the kick-off date took place at the end of October, the completion of the kiosk version is planned for the end of January. The kiosk version will be available to visitors on the rental equipment on site. An app for iOS and Android devices will then be available in the app stores, which will provide additional information in addition to the guided tours.

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