KULDIG develops for the Museum Wiesbaden

"LOGO state museum Wiesbaden"

Strolling in the Hessian State Museum of Art and Nature

On behalf of the Hessian State Museum of Art and Nature, KULDIG is developing a multimedia guide in the form of a mobile application until June 2019. As content management system and for the administration of the app the State Museum relies on the KULDIG AppCreator. For orientation, the specially developed indoor navigation system is integrated.
After publication, the guide will be available to visitors in the App Stores for iOS and Android. This also includes 3D objects of exhibits that are not completely visible to visitors due to their placement in showcases.

Discover exhibitions - our strolling mode

Until the end of 2019 KULDIG develops a free form of the tour: the strolling mode. This mode attracts visitors to the house who want to experience and discover something new. In the museum sector, the current need is to move away from some classically curated content, which guides visitors in a strictly linear fashion. With the use of the strolling mode, a higher degree of freedom is achieved, enabling visitors to experience the exhibition in an innovative way. While streams of visitors are aimed solely at the highlights of the exhibition, the strolling mode offers an opportunity to track down exciting but little-known exhibits and discover them.

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